Rheon Pizza Line

Rheon is a world leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of machines for the formation of unlimited types of products with or without filling, for the Food Industry. Our company name, “Rheon”, is derived from the word “Rheology” which is the study of the flow and deformation of matter, and Rheon was the first to take and apply it to foods. This resulted in the applied science of rheological engineering, in which the food is shaped by means of skillfully manipulating its “viscosity” and “elasticity”, to derive a delicate and natural flavor while locking in taste and aroma. Rheon machines are unique and have patented Stress Free® systems which allow the gentle handling of products while producing very high volumes of products with high production output rate.




Rheon V4 Pizza Sheet Line

V4 Line Series

V4 Pizza Sheeting Line.

Handmade quality in industrial production: The Rheon lines offer efficient production of high quality breads.

Complete dough dividing and weighing lines by Rheon for mid-sized and industrial manufactures of bread and other dough products feature the most advanced technology for forming and portioning like the Gravimetric® Method. Our patented V4 Stress Free system® protects the dough from any damage.

Production line for making a dough sheet such as Pizza, Focaccia, Pita and other flat bread products.

This pizza line is composed in short length line configuration and without resting process after shaping.
Only after the launching of Stress Free system, this revolution of Pitta production is realized.



Dough Output:2000kg/h

We offer an assortment of lines according to desired production capacity.
The production capacity varies according to the final dough thickness,
Width formula and state of fermentation.