Sticks & Sachets Weight Control

120 Years  | 100.000 Installations | Globally

Anritsu has been designing superior detection and inspection equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical packaging and processing industries. Across the globe, we provide a superior return on investment while ensuring your company is in compliance with the most stringent Quality Control Programs. No other company can provide better support, experience and technology to detect contaminants or quality issues within your products. With over 100,000 installations globally and our development of strong quality control relationships with customers, Anritsu has proven our commitment to making food and pharmaceutical products safer at a higher level of quality assurance than competitors. At the forefront of detection technology, our X-Ray inspection systems, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors and Performa360™ Service, Training and Performance Assurance programs give you the tools you need to produce products efficiently and safely.












Since 1964

Anritsu developed and sold its first ever Checkweigher in 1964 to a Pharmaceutical company. Learning from the pharmaceutical industry’s rigorous attitude toward quality control, Anritsu Infivis has since continued to develop its technologies. Anritsu Infivis is committed to addressing advanced quality assurance issues through closer cooperation with customers and partners in the both the Food & Pharmaceutical industry. Ever since, Anritsu has installed over 80.000 units of Checkweighers allover the world placing her as the leader in the industry.


Best weighing solution for products with highest weight accuracy ±0.01g at 3σ for speeds up to 600 pcs/min

Slight variances in  ingredients can have a large impact on the claculation of a products manufacturing costs. Anritsu’s force balance weighing technology provides the industry’s highest weight accuracy of±0.01g at 3σ, meeting even the most stringent standards for products. Ensure product quality and determine weight with Anritsu’s precision inline checkweighers. Anritsu checkweighers provide exceptional product safety, productivity, and excellent return on investment while ensuring compliance with HACCP programs, all in a compact footprint.

Stable and reliable weighing – Achieved!

SSV Series: With accuracy as low as ±0.01g at 3σ and speed up to 600 products/min, the SSV promises top product inspection performance and productivity. Reliability: With nearly 100,000 installations worldwide, Anritsu checkweighers are built to last and consistently perform.


High precision weighing – made easy.

High-rigidity weigh cells have been placed alternately on both sides of the weighing conveyor to achieve space saving and high accuracy. Three belt sizes are available—40 mm, 70 mm and 100 mm.



Fast and reliable

The checkweighers for multiple lanes have a 1.5 times faster response speed and 2 times higher accuracy than conventional models* because of our high-rigidity electromagnetic balancing weigh cell and unique DROP (Dynamic Responsiveness Optimization Process) filter.


Batch Control / Monitoring:

  • The large, color LCD touch panel allows centralized control of production records for multiple lanes.
  • Batch control, monitoring and statistics management are independently controlled on 2 to 6 lanes.
  • Screen switching between the weight value display and the weight bar display is also possible during checkweighing.