Pasteuriser Kaelte-Rudi DIBASE

DIBASE – Your advantages

Since 1964, the world’s first pasteurizer with rectangular vat for minimal space requirements and perfectly emulsified mixes.







  • Compact device design in 4 different basic 60, 70, 80 and 90cm
  • Largest model variety on the market from 20 to 600-liter capacity
  • Solid full stainless-steel construction on durable wheels
  • Break-proof stainless-steel lid with filling opening
  • Unique cyclic bain-marie system
  • Rectangular vat for optimal mixing
  • Inclined bottom for perfect emptying without pump
  • Inverter controlled emulsifier ProMix with individual free speed choose up to 3000 rpm
  • “oneSurface” construction with completely welded vat and body without and silicone adhesion
  • Completely stainless-steel body for easy hygienic cleaning
  • 3D-polished surfaces for best hygiene without adhesions
  • No minimum quantities
  • 99 programs customizable
  • 20 tried and tested programs
  • Large, active cooled, in-vat closing-safety tap with automatic tap flushing
  • Optional tap with 80mm diameter for highly viscous liquids
  • Temperature range from +2°C to +95°C
  • Bucket holder for more hygienic work
  • Hose holder (Pro-Tubi), prevents bending and supply lines on the floor.
  • All DIBASE pasteurizer are available with legalization for raw milk processing.


  • Intuitive touch pad
  • Hygienic safety according to current DIN European standards
  • 99 programs customizable
  • 20 tried and tested programs
  • High work safety
  • HACCP-relevant process data easily exportable


  • Separate water connections for cooling and service water
  • Plug-and-work solution
  • Solid full stainless-steel construction
  • Highest quality standards
  • Highest manufacturing quality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Error indication on 5.7″ display


  • Short cycles with free temperature selection
  • Flexible working due to the elimination of the minimum filling quantity
  • Consistent results even with variable quantities
  • Perfect emulsification for homogeneous mixes
  • Foam reduction trough free speed chooses and changeable blender knives
  • Easier and safer working because dry components processed automatically lump-free.
  • No burning even with highly viscous masses or high egg content
  • No negative effect on taste due to high device temperatures
  • Even cream can be pasteurized without qualitative changes in structure or taste.
  • No freezing in the vat; therefore, no segregation
  • Easiest extraction without a pump which is difficult to clean
  • More tasteful, creamier gelato due to more homogeneous mix structure
  • Automatic process capture and logging for your HACCP concept
  • Fully automatic processes without vat transfer.
  • Blackout-Control to prevent spoilage
  • Easy hygienic cleaning
  • Current temperatures are always displayed clearly visible
  • Process progress can be queried at any time
  • Easy to read 5.7” display
  • Own programs can be easily set and stored on the large display
  • Low pasteurization 65°C for 30 minutes
  • Middle pasteurization 70°C for 10-30 minutes (depending on state law)
  • Intermediate pasteurization freely adjustable 65°C-95°C at any holding times
  • High pasteurization 85°C
  • Chocolate mix pasteurization 92°C for best cacao flavor
  • Fast cooling
  • Maturation