UC PRO Mixer Kemper

UC PRO The best mixer in the world!





High dough quality through sophisticated technology

When it comes to dough quality, there is nobody out there who knows the business better than us. Our systems are second to none, both in traditional dough processing relying on stand-alone universal mixers or single batch equipment, and in industrial dough processing with fully automated mixing systems precisely customized to specific production conditions. The UC PRO is an exceptional helix mixer with a unique mixing principle, because the dough is pulled and overlaid, thus adding a lot of oxygen and little energy in the dough. Therefore, the UC PRO is ideal for the production of soft wheat and rye doughs and sophisticated mixing, as the doughs get more tension and volume. Its sturdy construction makes the UC PRO particularly low-maintenance and existing bowls can also be used in the UC.


To ensure a strong formation of the gluten network and a dry dough surface, a lot of oxygen has to be added during the mixing process.


Special mixing tool

The UC PRO mixer is equipped with a special mixing tool that is unique and very recognisable among the industry now that it has been succesfully used for so many years in production plants with the UC.


Gluten network

An optimally developed gluten network ensures high dough quality and thus also a high baked goods quality.


Water absorption

A short start-up phase allows for quick blending of ingredients. Thus, water is bound before formation of the gluten networks. This ensures a longer freshness and more flavor in the final product.



  • Short mixing time
  • Optimal mixing results due to unique dual-spiral-mixing-tool
  • Minimum dough warming
  • Ideal for soft wheat doughs



  • Wheat dough
  • Mixed-wheat dough
  • Mixed rye dough
  • Rye dough



  • Flour 80 – 120 kg
  • Dough 130 – 200 kg
  • Models available : 80, 120