Fettboy Digital Riehle

Fresh & Quick & Easy  by WP-Riehle    

For 50 years, WP RIEHLE bakery machines have represented the highest quality in German quality work and Swabian inventiveness. Our devices are used worldwide in bakeries, hotels, supermarkets and other establishments in the food industry.

With our deep fryers and lye application machines, we provide snacks made by WP RIEHLE on a global basis and appreciate the confidence the industry is placing in our special equipment engineering. With the globally represented WP BAKERYGROUP, the world’s largest manufacturer of bakery machines, we aim to impress with innovative solutions, an extensive portfolio of handcrafted machines and equipment as well as with competent customer service – every day anew!








FETTBOY The small deep fryer for the big baking demonstration

Low grease absorption for perfect small quantities

The mobile deep fry device Fettboy Digital for manual deep-frying is particularly suitable for smaller quantities of approx. 20 to 24 dough pieces per baking process. As an additional device or for baking demonstrations, the Fettboy Digital features digital heating control for minimal temperature fluctuations as well as a set/actual temperature display, thus ensuring reduced fat absorption and consistent quality.

The perfect supplement for every baking company. Ideal as a peripheral device or for show baking.




  • Handling quick and easy cleaning without tools
  • Energy saving. Heating coils directly in the fat for faster  heat exchange
  • Design :  solid and durable stainless steel construction
  • Safety : equipped with a safety thermostat, prevents grease fires in case of malfunction
  • Quality Made in Germany
  • Voltage 3×230 V/400 V/N/PE 50 Hz
  • max. connection load 5.0 kW/7.3 A
  • Capacity approx. 17 litres


  • Peripheral device for smaller quantities
  • Ideal for show baking
  • Digital heating control and setpoint / actual temperature display
  • Incl. 2 flat baking baskets and removable lid
  • Mobile through the design as a tabletop device or as a standalone unit with optional mobile undercarriage


  • Various products


  • Mobile underframe
  • Turning basket
  • Flat baking basket
  • Plated stainless steel baking basket with high rim
  • Dipping lid