Amiba 6000 Croissant Machine


AMIBA 6000 croissant machine is the result of a 30 years worldwide experience in the croissant industry.




The AMIBA 6000 innovative unit allows you to produce up to 6000 filled croissants per hour, with a weight of 65-80 gr and a filling up to 20 gr!

AMIBA 6000 croissant unit is built according to modern quality requirements and in accordance with a fast and easy cleaning. AMIBA 6000 produces high-quality croissant, as hand made. The group has a special gauging unit which gives a constant weight to the product and a no stress lamination. A new concept cutting unit guarantees a perfect shape thanks to its pneumatic double cutting station.The gear depositor fills the triangles with cream, jam, chocolate or any other filling of your liking.  The triangles are then carried to the special AMIBA curling units where they are rolled softly thanks to our advanced technology.