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The iSpot depositor makes the perfect addition to your food or bakery production line. With its user-friendly, compact and portable design, this versatile machine allows you to draw and deposit smooth products directly from a bowl or pail. Simple and accurate deposits will make the iSpot one of your most used and valuable pieces of equipment. iSpot depositor is suitable for transfering materials direct from bowl and dosing the product to the desired volume. It is the best solution in the smallest possible size and with the biggest possible flexibility for accurate deposits for soft and medium consistency smooth products such as cake, liquids, syrup, jams, fillings with small-soft particles, μfillings with fruit pieces and/or small nut pieces, Catering products and more.


Machine Features

  • Adjustable deposit volume
  • Including 1″ hand-held nozzle with silicone food grade hose – takes all standard bakery tips
  • Small footprint and 4″ swivel castors make maneuverability a breeze
  • Interchangeable product cylinders
  • Sanitary, all-stainless steel construction
  • Optional pail shelf to keep your buckets off the floor


Performance Specifications

Model: iSpot Depositor
Air: 4 CFM at 80 PSI, 84 litres/min at 5.5 bar
Run: Up to 140 deposits/min (9.000 deposits/hr) based on deposit size and product consistency
Volume: 10 ml – 220 ml
Particle size: Up to 6 mm cubic soft particles