Shop Ovens ITES ® Snacks – Pizza – Bread – Food

ITES ® – Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

The ITES is suitable for a variety of frozen and deep-frozen snacks!

The extreme reduction in baking time enables flexible response to customer demand. Depending on the product, the baking time can be reduced by up to 70% by infrared baking. The products are baked from the inside out; the end product contains more moisture and accordingly stays fresh longer.



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Ergonomic, ideal for various shops, schools, canteens, ariports, pizza shops etc for meeting immediate consumer demands !

ITES is designed to bake quickly an array of different products to meet the flunctuating demands of the various shops /selling points, since it can thaw/defrost and bake in few minutes. For example in order to bake a traditional Greek product ‘Koulouri Thessalonikis’ approx. weight 35gr, frozen, the oven requires just 5min from frozen to baked. Also for White Bread or Pizza with approx. weight 135gr, from frozen to baked, the oven requires just 7 min!



ITES by WP Riehle is an oven developed and manufactured in Germany that combines the advantages of a conventional oven with the latest infrared technology. With these and other well thought-out details, the ITES oven can accelerate production processes by up to 70%.

The oven is specifically designed to bake pre-baked, frozen baked goods. Ideal for pretzels, baguettes, pizza slices and many other small snacks.

Infrared Combi System

Each product is baked much faster than with other conventional ways, while simultaneously maintaining it’s humidity levels, not drying out, staying fresher for longer time.


Αutomatic Operation

The operator places the product on the belt and pushes the start button. No trained personell is required. The oven does all the work. It thaws/defrosts if needed and bakes the products on the belt. The belt moves automatically during the baking process and pushes the products out upon completion. In just a few minutes you have -ready-to-sell-products!  No preparation needed whatsoever.