MAJA Flake Ice Machine SAH _85 L R449A

Compact flake ice machine, ice output 85 kg / 24 h
with integrated condensing unit (air-cooled execution) and mobile ice storage system EV 50 for 50 kg of MAJA flake ice

The SAH 85 L offers ideal sanitation conditions and high comfort for the daily handling of flake ice:

The produced ice falls directly into the mobile ice storage system EV 50. It considerably facilitates the handling of flake ice: The EV 50 enables the convenient transport in and out of the facility. Moreover, it is the ideal solution for perfect flake ice storage.


HY-GEN sanitation principle by MAJA

  • Like all flake ice machines from MAJA, this model is labelled ‘HY-GEN protected‘, MAJA’s guarantee for a cleaning-friendly hygienic machine design.
  • HY-GEN Flake Ice Machines are designed to allow quick and easy cleaning – by hand but also fully automatically, for the production of flake ice under excellent sanitary conditions. The core piece of the HY-GEN sanitation principle is the cleaning friendly water tank, which can be easily removed for manual cleaning within seconds.
  • If cleaning, descaling and disinfection should be done in a more comfortable, faster and safer way, the MAJA Flake Ice Machine can be optionally equipped with the MAJA-SCS, MAJA’s patented evaporator self-cleaning system.

Machine structure

  • Cleaning-friendly machine design according to the HY-GEN sanitation principle with removable water tank.
  • Frame and housing in stainless steel.


  • Condensing unit in air-cooled execution (L)
  • With integrated heat exchanger for optimum energy efficiency
  • Refrigerant stop valve and refrigerant pump-down when the machine stops
  • Refrigerants R449A (GWP 1397)


  • Easy operation by illuminated ON/OFF pushbuttons
  • With function and error code indication as well as start/stop function of optional self-cleaning system, if the machine is equipped with MAJA-SCS.
  • Reliable SPS control unit
  • For further control panels with or without program function see accessories & options

EV 50

Mobile ice storage system EV 50 for storage and transport of approximately 50 kg of MAJA flake ice, suitable for MAJA Flake Ice Machines SAH 85 L / SAH 170 L:

  • Inner and outer surface in robust polypropylene
  • Foamed PU insulation for ideal storage conditions
  • Cleaning-friendly surfaces
  • Drainage plate to avoid melting water in the ice
  • Easy emptying by water drain with outlet valve
  • Wheeled base in stainless steel for easy mobility
  • Stackable thus space-saving

Additional mobile ice storage systems type EV 50 are optionally available as well as a special ice cart cover. It make sense to use several ice transport systems for more flexibility by alternating use.