Cornucopia KN 050

Rheon is a world leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of machines for the formation of unlimited types of products with or without filling, for the Food Industry. Our company name, “Rheon”, is derived from the word “Rheology” which is the study of the flow and deformation of matter, and Rheon was the first to take and apply it to foods. This resulted in the applied science of rheological engineering, in which the food is shaped by means of skillfully manipulating its “viscosity” and “elasticity”, to derive a delicate and natural flavor while locking in taste and aroma. Rheon machines are unique and have patented Stress Free® systems which allow the gentle handling of products while producing very high volumes of products with high production output rate.





From savory and prepared foods to confectioneries, the new Cornucopia® KN-050 encrusting robot is applicable to wide varieties of food materials. Equipped with a patented new type of encruster, high-quality products can be uniformly created.

The KN-050 can produce food products within a weight range between 10 to 250 g. Moreover the fully adjustable encrusting ratio allows for an individual rate of dough thickness and filling volume. The length of the end product is variable, as well.

Cornucopia KN-050 allows for a huge variety of product form: Small, medium and large spherical encrusting is just as possible as short, long and large bar shaped encrusting.

Moreover, continuous cylindrical, mosaic or swirl extrusion can be chosen from. With optional add-on devices, the KN-050 can be individually adjusted to specific demands: Available are the Double Filling Feeder, the Solid Feeder, the Open Top Shutter the Twist Nozzle.




Output600~max. 6000 pcs./h
Product Weight Range10~250 g
Belt Speed120~2100 m/h
Product Length Range0~500 mm (Intermittent Encrusting)
Extruding Capacity(total)max. 280 kg/h