VX 222 Twin Divider

Rheon company is a world leader in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of machines for the formation and filling of unlimited products in the Food Industry. The company name ‘Rheon’ is derived from the Greek word “Rheology”. In the several thousand year history of mankind, man has been creating his own culture in the palm of his hand through the shaping and forming of his food. Rheology is the study of the flow and deformation of matter, and Rheon was the first to take and apply it to foods. This resulted in the applied science of rheological engineering, in which the food is shaped by means of skillfully manipulating its “viscosity” and “elasticity”, to derive a delicate and natural flavor while locking in taste and aroma. Rheon machines are unique and have patented systems for the Stress Free® systems which allow a gentle handling of products while simultaneously producing a very high output production rate.







Rheon Model VX-222 Twin Divider

V4 Stress Free Dividers

V4-Stress Free® Twin Divider

The VX-222 accurately portion the dough sheet at a desired weight or length. The double-lane layout, together with Rheon’s Gravimetric Method® cutting system, allows a wider portioning range from larger products with 1-lane to smaller products with 2-lane cutting.

Excellent in small-size portioning

The 2-lane dividing function facilitates a greater variety of shapes. The operator can freely adjust the shape of the dough portions according to the required product form.

Wide variety of applications

Combining the VX-122 or VX-222 with other optional devices like the Cup Rounder or Rheon’s various forming lines, the Twin Divider allows for a wide variety of high quality bread and dough sheet products.


VX-222 4001-Lane2-Lane
Production Capacity800 kg/h1000 kg/h
Output Dough Width130~150 mm65~75 mm
Dividing Range150~1200 g75~600 g
Output Speed (max)30 pcs./min60 pcs./min