MAJA Μηχανή Παραγωγής Πάγου -Λέπι- RVH 1500 L

Flake ice machine with separate condensing unit (air-cooled execution), for standard ambient temperatures up to approx. +38°C (for higher temperatures see RVH-LT)

Ice output: 1500 kg / 24 h

Condensing unit:

  • In solid weather protection housing in galvanized steel, plastic coating.
  • Electronic condenser fan speed regulator for automatic adaptation to variable ambient temperatures.
  • Low noise.



HY-GEN sanitation principle by MAJA

  • Like all flake ice machines from MAJA, this model is labelled ‘HY-GEN protected‘, MAJA’s guarantee for a cleaning-friendly hygienic machine design.
  • HY-GEN Flake Ice Machines are designed to allow quick and easy cleaning – by hand but also fully automatically, for the production of flake ice under excellent sanitary conditions. The core piece of the HY-GEN sanitation principle is the cleaning friendly water tank, which can be easily removed for manual cleaning within seconds.
  • If cleaning, descaling and disinfection should be done in a more comfortable, faster and safer way, the MAJA Flake Ice Machine can be optionally equipped with the MAJA-SCS, MAJA’s patented evaporator self-cleaning system.

Condensing unit L1500

Condensing unit for MAJA Flake Ice Machine type RVH 1500 L
For standard ambient temperatures of approx. +38°C (for higher temperatures see machine types RVH-LT)
Weather protection housing in galvanized steel, plastic coating: easy installation + good appearance

Electronic fan regulation
Silent, service-friendly, good access for maintenance
Pump-Down circuit if the machine is stopped, thus reduced risk of leakage
And: attractive price!

Suction line heat exchanger

For optimum working conditions regarding efficiency and ice quality it is necessary to use a suction line heat exchanger. Included in the delivery of RVH-L and RVH-LT, enclosed separately.